О компании
Accounting and tax records
  1. Rates of minimum wage, minimum calculation index and other estimates for 2020 have been approved
  2. Exemption from taxes (corporate (individual) income tax, social tax, single land tax) of micro or small business entities for three years
  3. Moratorium on inspections of micro- or small business entities for three years
  4. Financial statement forms for large business entities (except for financial organizations) have been approved
  5. Cancellation of fixed tax from January 1, 2020
  6. Obligatory application of the cash register with the function of data fixation and/or transfer in cash settlements
  7. Change of the budget classification code when paying the CIT
  8. Accompanying waybills for goods will be introduced from 2020
  9. The list of companies subject to tax audit in the 1st half of 2020 has been published
  10. Amendment of the statute of limitations
Salary calculation, HR records management, labor legislation
  1. Limits for calculating taxes and social payments from employee income in 2020
  2. Taxation of employees' salaries in 2020
  3. Changes in the Compulsory Social Medical Insurance contribution rate
  4. Introduction of Compulsory Social Medical Insurance Contributions
  5. Exemption from payment of Compulsory Social Medical Insurance Contributions
  6. Changes in the calculation of Personal Income Tax
  7. Changes of Individual Income Tax on social deductions
  8. Change in the order of taxation of Social Tax
  9. On application of 90% adjustment of income less than 25 minimum salary
  10. On transfer of the approved application form to tax deduction and settlement certificates
  11. Cancellation of the lower limit on Compulsory Pension Contributions on civil contracts
  12. Planned changes in taxation on civil contracts
  13. Postponement of Compulsory Pension Contributions at the expense of employers
  14. Postponement of other tax deductions for physical entities
  15. On cancellation of the report on 1-IR "Report on foreign labor attraction to the Republic of Kazakhstan"
  16. Electronic accounting of employment contracts
  17. On making amendments and supplements to the Regulations on financing training of Kazakhstani personnel by subsoil users