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News for business due to emergency situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  1. Extension of the state of emergency in the Republic of Kazakhstan, extension of the non-working regime in Nur-Sultan and Almaty until the end of April 2020
  2. New portal for formation of permits for movement in Almaty
  3. Explanation of the Minister of Labor on changes in the Rules for Assignment of Payment in the amount of 42 500 tenge
  4. Cancellation of seizures of bank accounts of individuals for the period of the state of emergency
  5. Administrative penalties for respondents during the state of emergency
  6. Exemption from salary taxes due to the state of emergency
  7. The deadlines for submission of some forms of statistical reports have been extended to April 14-20, 2020
  8. Hotline phones for entrepreneurship issues
  9. Expansion of movement restriction zone against the background of the state of emergency
  10. Work schedule of banks during the state of emergency and quarantine
  11. Implementation of the mechanism for applying the VAT rate of 8% in Electronic Invoice Information System
  12. Basic rate has been reduced to 9.5%
  13. Amendments to the Law "On the Republican Budget for 2020-2022"
  14. Amendment of the Rules for Entry of Foreigners
  15. Rules for accounting the social contributions and recipients of social payments have been approved