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Legislative Changes Review, Kazakhstan
  1. Application of ratio "0" to some contributions has been extended until January 01, 2021
  2. The Project of the Rules of the pilot related to the accompanying waybills for goods has been published
  3. The list of goods subject to issuance of electronic invoices via the "Virtual Warehouse" from October 1, 2020 was supplemented
  4. The Criteria for assessing the degree of risk now include information on the registration of labour contracts in the Unified Labour Contract Registration System
  5. The standard regulation on the Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been approved
  6. The Rules of occupational risk management were approved
  7. Amendments to Rules and conditions of calculating length of service
  8. Amendments to the Rules for declaration of the employer's activities
  9. Clarifications to the unified Rules for calculation of average salary
  10. Amendments to the Rules for appointment and payment of temporary disability social allowance
  11. Amendments to the Rules on certification of production facilities upon the labour conditions
  12. Inspections of violations of personal data rights
  13. The Rules for entering labour contracts into the Unified Labour Contract Registration System have been approved
  14. Submission of lists of employees exempted from mandatory social health insurance
  15. New rates of fee for permission for seasonal foreign labour recruitment in the RK
  16. Rules for setting quotas for foreign labour recruitment in the RK
  17. Planned amendments to the Labour Code